Worse Than Tigers is a genuinely hilarious Lynchian
fever dream.
— Broadway World

Olivia and Humphry have a safe, comfortable, enviable life. Their condo is well-adorned with fancy knick-knacks, their social media presence is meticulously groomed, and they never fight. Or laugh. Or kiss. Or talk very much.

Unexpectedly, Olivia’s lover-- id-driven Officer Kirk Patrick --shows up, trailing a man-eating tiger which takes up residence right outside, threatening to devour anyone who opens the door. Tigers may be dangerous, but there might be something worse inside.


Stage Management Nat Di Mario

Scenic Design Matt Carlin

Assistant Scenic and Props Design Caspin Jones

Lighting Design Kate Ducey 

Costume Design Kristy Hall 

Sound Design tba

Graphic Design Sarah Stec

Mark Chrisler Playwright Worse Than Tigers.jpg

Braeson Herold, Shannon Sullivan, and Zach Wegner

Worse Than Tigers_Braeson Herold_Shannon Marie Sullivan 8.jpg